Shipping + Returns

  • All online orders (excluding gift cards) are shipped Priority via USPS at a flat rate of $10 for one item, plus $1 for each additional item. Examples:

    • 1 item: $10

    • 2 items: $11

    • 5 items $14

  • Gift cards ship at a flat rate of $5 each, which is included in the price.

  • All orders ship within 48 hours of the day they are received. Orders must be placed before 5pm Pacific time to be considered “received.” Examples:

    • Order placed Monday at 3pm Pacific: ships by Wednesday

    • Order placed Monday at 8pm Pacific: ships by Thursday

    • Order placed Saturday at 6pm Pacific: ships by Tuesday

  • Returns may be made in-store within 90 days of purchase for in-store credit only. A receipt is required for all returns.